Updates month of March, 2018

Trauma Counseling Training- April 13-14, 2018
Held at Bishop’s Secretariat, Lahore. Our facilitators Dr. HANIK YOO-Director, Seoul Brain Research Institute & Seoul Our Child Psychiatric Clinic Dr. INHEE CHO-Director, Cho’s Psychiatric clinic and Samsung child and adolescent developmental center With many experienced counselors. The exposure to trauma and mental illness also leads to inter generational trauma through a cycle of increased stress in families, declining socio-economic conditions, health care burden, anger, breakdown of families, inability to take care of children, marital issues and so on. Keeping the need in view.
The Rt. Rev. Irfan Jamil, Bishop of Lahore, responded with encouraging comments.

pakday March 23, 2018
Visit of the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan, to Cathedral School Hall Road and Cathedral Church of the Resurrection, the Mall, Lahore on the Day of Pakistan (23rd March). H.E. shared his views on educational growth, commitment and honestly which is the key to success of a nation. The Rt. Rev. Irfan Jamil, Bishop of Lahore, also shared his view about the contributions of mission schools in the development of Pakistan as a whole nation.

March 02, 2018
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Speech of The Rt. Rev. Irfan Jamil, Bishop of Lahore during the protest at Charing Cross, in front of Punjab Assembly, Lahore.
Minorities struggling for their rights @ the Mall Lahore city Pakistan, Friday the 2nd March 2018 . JJ JOHN JOSEPH CDO community development management officer Lahore diocese church of Pakistan, Cathedral of the Resurrection the Mall Lahore city Pakistan.